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Official bio:

I was born, at Tbilisi, Georgia, at 1966

I am still alive and kicking.

Apart from paintings and murals, I am also writing fiction novels

Please visit "Links" page to read the trial version (first 16 pages) of my fiction boo "The outlaws-two against the world. You can buy the full version on Amazon

My Wikipedia page will be set up soon. Help appreciated.

Link to my short stories is available on this website too.

I accept donations by PayPal, bank transfer and Stripe

Please contact me (sending mail through this site is possible) if you want to donate

There are two ways to help

1 Contribute.

They say that longest of roads starts with a small step.

In the same way, the biggest achievements often begin with small charities.

It does not matter if you donate millions, or just one dollar-or will offer your service and benefit in kind.

It's not the amount that matters, its a fact that you are out there, ready to do what you can to help us.

2. Alternatively, please post an invitation on your Facebook or Twitter page, so others can hear about my artwork

In the end, the more people will hear about my artwork, the more likely we are to get all the assistance and funding which is necessary to put it forward...


Nick Gabrichidze

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